Zimbardo Lucifer Effect


Note: the video below contains powerful, disturbing images and profane language.  A carefully redacted account of the experiment is available at this link.

Zimbardo calls the imposition of conditions that transform moral character the Lucifer Effect(Note: The Zimbardo “Lucifer Effect” lecture linked at left contains extraordinarily disturbing images, especially in Parts 2 and 9.  Sensitive viewers may either skip Parts 2 and 9 in YouTube or avoid these images by following the links below that segment the lecture into parts, skipping the most graphic details in Part 2, or other parts with the warnings below).

Part 1: Introduction to the Lucifer Effect.

Part 3: Who?  Or What Is Responsible for the Lucifer Effect?

Part 4: The Fundamental Attribution Error and the Power of the Social Compliance

Part 5: How to Create Evil in Good People

Part 6: De-Individuation, Demonization and the Evil of Inaction

Part 7: [warning: profane & sexual language, graphic images] Ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment

Part 8: [some graphic images of torture] The Predictability of Abu Ghraib

Parts 9 & 10 are a detailed analysis of the Bush Administration prosecution of Abu Ghraib guards, policies regarding torture, and transformative changes to American law that allow designation of “unlawful enemy combatants” for whom Constitutional rights no longer apply.

Part 11:  The Psychology of Heroism

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